View of architectural rendering of proposed exterior of First Church Berkeley's new Community Building on the corner of Channing Ave. & Dana St.

Capital Campaign: Spring 2023

Beginning in late January 2023, our church will begin a Capital Campaign to raise funds to complete the rebuild of our community building.  Our congregation participated in a Feasibility Study over the past few months and all were invited to participate.  The information gathered from the Feasibility Study was presented to the congregation after worship last Sunday, Nov. 13.  If you were unable to attend, a recording of the presentation is here.

Based on the insight provided by the congregation during this discerning period, Church Council voted at their most recent meeting on Nov. 15, 2022 to affirm the formation of the Capital Campaign, to endeavor to recruit a leadership team, and to perform our Capital Campaign this coming Spring 2023.

This is an exciting endeavor to ensure that our new community building is completed for the use of our congregation and our community now and for years to come.  I hope everyone will participate in some way with the Capital Campaign and in building the vision and opportunity of this work and celebration together.  We are so blessed to be together in this time.  If you have an interest in a role in the Capital Campaign, please reach out to Sara Woods.

— Sara Woods, Capital Campaign Director