Photo of two people standing next to a red wagon filled with peanut better and cereal to donate to the Berkeley Food Pantry

Cereal & Peanut Butter for our Neighbors

We put our faith into action through our cereal and peanut butter donations for the Berkeley Food Pantry (BFP). Through this partnership, we help feed our hungry neighbors in Berkeley and Albany. Please look for low-sugar cereal with at least 40% DV for iron (especially helpful to young children and women of childbearing age). Smooth (not chunky) peanut butter in plastic jars is appreciated by all people who come to the BFP looking for help stretching their budget. Check out the BFP at for more information. 

Look for us at the table in the Hall of Entrance every Sunday morning. Mary Fujii, Birtukan Beyenssa, & Anne Rowe