Conversations About Spirituality and Aging

Led by Kerrie Hein and Carmelle Knudsen

Some of us in the 60+ age group in our congregation have noticed that our spiritual needs are changing as we get older. We have wondered if others in our age group feel the same way.

This fall we are offering everyone in our congregation who is 60 and over the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about how they are experiencing aging and to talk about their life experiences of religion, theology, faith, spirituality, meaning and purpose, and the sacred. Our aim is to figure out how we can best support our spiritual development and spiritual needs now and throughout the rest of our lives. We will be contacting each person in this group via email or telephone to offer the opportunity to participate in a small group or have a 1:1 conversation with us. If you have questions or ideas, please feel free to email or call us. Please note updated email address: [email protected].

— Carmelle Knudsen (510/541-2804) & Kerrie Hein (510/529-1818)