Did You Know…?

…that dishwasher detergent doesn’t have to come in plastic bottles?  At the Abundance Table this Sun., Nov. 20, the Green Team is giving away samples of Dropps dishwasher detergent pods in premeasured dissolvable pods. Boxed in low–waste cardboard, you just drop one in your soap dispenser for clean dishes each time. Dropps is one of several brands of sustainable cleaning products that are priced similarly to national brands using non-sustainable packaging. The Dropps sample comes in a paper bag from If You Care. These bags are unbleached and compostable with a natural grease-proof barrier.  This brand is a little more expensive than comparable brands, maybe because of the barrier.  It’s one of several good alternatives to plastic bags. Come get your sample and check out the other goodies at the Abundance Table this Sunday!