Empathy Training

by Louise Halsey

The concept of empathy, which literally means “feeling with” or “feeling into,” is one of the focal points of Non-Violent Communication, and a practice I’ve found deepens connections with oneself and others. I’m imagining ways we as a faith community could engage in this practice, and Jim and I will be offering Empathy Training Sessions for those who want to learn and practice two Tuesday evenings a month beginning December 2019 and running through March 2020. Our gatherings will take place in the Durant House and in the Loper Chapel (please check our community calendar for 2020 dates – https://www.firstchurchberkeley.org/events/#calendar). These will be concentrated trainings to develop empathy skills and we’d like those interested to attend at least three of the eight sessions. If you’d like more information or to sign up, email me at [email protected].