Farm worker in field

Feb. 26 Learning Hour: Farm to Table and the Workers Behind it

Sun., Feb. 26, 2023, 11:45 am
Loper Chapel

Join the Learning Hour on Sun., Feb. 26 to learn about the work of the National Farmworker Ministry (NFWM). Founded in 1972, the NFWM is a faith-based organization that supports farm workers as they organize for justice and empowerment. Grounded in faith, NFWM works side by side with farm workers and their organizing groups throughout the country, to organize vigils, picket, coordinate boycotts, and educate constituents. NFWM brings together national denominations, religious orders and congregations, regional groups and concerned individuals to act with the farm workers to achieve fundamental change in their living and working conditions.

The recent storms in California as well as the shootings at Half Moon Bay mushroom farms has again put a spotlight on the horrific living and working conditions faced by many farmworkers. How can we as people of faith respond? Led by First Church member, Rev. Sophia DeWitt, who has served on the NFWM Board for over a decade, come learn about opportunities to stand in solidarity with farmworker organizing efforts, advocate for legislation, and celebrate important progress.

This Learning Hour is jointly sponsored by the Adult Education Ministry and the Justice and Service Ministry.