First Church Telethon: The Great Call-In!

In the spirit of re-connecting our church membership during an auspicious time, we are holding our first-ever First Church Telethon!

About 25 beautiful souls will be making phone calls to every active member of our church and newbies who appear to be sticking around Thurs., Oct. 13, 7:30-9 pm. If your phone rings then, please answer it! You can connect with an old friend from church or make a new one.

This call is an opportunity to confirm that you’re a sustaining giver to your church or decide to become one, and most importantly: to connect human-to-human as we emerge from this dizzying time. You can talk about what you love about your church, upcoming big doings, or let your caller know of a spiritual or practical need you have.

We know it can be weird to talk on the phone, particularly with someone you don’t know well, but like lots of spiritual practices, it can be hard at first and yet have a big payoff. Talk to you soon! 😉