Firsties by Neighborhood

Two years ago we had a few rounds of neighborhood potlucks. Those designated “neighborhood captains” back then are stepping back into their roles to make sure we know the answer to the question “Who are the Firsties in your neighborhood?” 

Soon, most of you can expect a weekly email from your neighborhood captain. This group email will be a chance to: 

1) become more aware of who your First Church neighbors are, and build community amongst yourselves
2) feel a little less alone and isolated
3) surface needs that can be turned over to the pastoral staff and volunteers who would be glad to do things like pick up groceries and medication

If you would like to serve as a neighborhood captain, email Emma S at [email protected]. If you live in the East Bay and you don’t get an email from your neighborhood captain within the next week, email Louise at [email protected] and ask to be added to Realm with your correct address.