Holy Saturday Self-Guided Service

Photo looking out of tomb at sunset.
Lord Jesus, we have been waiting.
Photo of bird eggs in a nest
We struggle in the in-between time, knowing in our hearts that you struggled for us, and that redemption from trial awaits us.
Photo of budding branch
Your presence alongside us strengthens us and covers us with light that shines through the cracks in the walls around us.
Photo of hand holding sparkler
We persevere, our faith in your resurrection holding us steady in place.
photo of flower bud
Help us to abide in you, even when it seems like you are far away.
photo of flower budding
Remind us that those who have left us never journey alone.
photo of blooming flowers
Bless and cover us, God, as we wait in anticipation of your coming. The night is long and we await, knowing that you never leave your children behind. As we abide, hope, persevere, wait, and struggle, let us do so in faith, trusting in you. We pray this in your name, Amen
illustration of a flower