Inclusive COVID-19 Resources

The Disability Empowerment Team has put together some inclusive resources that provide information about COVID-19. These resources provide Disability, Mental Health, and Senior specific information as well as other helpful support for us all.

 1.  World Health Organization video covering Persons with Disabilities. This video may be of assistance to persons who need Disability specific info. By  World Health org was a live broadcast online.  Its about 35 minutes. There is caption issues but it a tech issue that is corrected.  Also audio goes out when captions go on but that is corrected.  With all its glitches its a very informative 35 minute clip:

2.  AARP podcast english and Spanish on COVID-19:

3.  Plain Language Info on COVID-19 spanish  created for and by persons with disabilities:

4.  Plain Language Info on COVID-19 english created for and by persons with disabilities:

5.  NAMI  support and info COVID-19: