Jan. 7 Learning Hour – Ten Scots Worth Meeting: A Grown-Up’s Show-and-Tell

Sun., Jan. 7, 11:45 am, Loper Chapel

A geologist, an explorer, a novelist, a journalist, a scientist, a master myth-maker, an industrialist, a playwright, a suffragette, and an Olympic athlete…what do these ten men and women have in common, besides being Scots? Their likenesses are in the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, they had great personal integrity, and they left the world a better place. Come meet them face-to-face and be inspired to do great things with the year ahead. Time being short, there will be handouts with their names, basic biographies, and thumbnails of their portraits. More about them you can easily research for yourselves.

This Learning Hour is offered by Kate Lucchese (aka “Dr. K-Z”), an educator and writer who sings alto in the Chancel Choir, joined her first UCC church in 1982, and has been a full member of FCCB since 2017. She is also part Scot.