Learning Hour for June 27: The Secrets to Successful Fitness

June 27, 12:15 pm
ID: 889 6774 0143  Passcode: 261432

Now that the pandemic is slowing and we are all emerging from hibernation and social isolation, it is a perfect time to think about how we want to structure our lives from this point forward. Formulating a daily exercise regimen is a fantastic step to take to improve well-being in our older years. Exercise is so good for health, both physical and mental, that it really should be the first thing we consider. It’s a wonderful goal to finally get serious about. We will end up endowing our lives with a much stronger foundation going forward. Vanessa will explain some simple tricks to help us get going.

Vanessa Kettler is an expert on balance and fall prevention. She is also a professional dancer at the age of 77 with over 45 years of training in the fields of dance and fitness. Vanessa is the author of BALANCE NEWS, a free e-mail newsletter devoted to senior health, and the producer of Building Better Balance, a series of DVD balance classes that have helped so many.