LGBTQ Leadership in June Worship

We’re so excited about celebrating and centering LGBTQ folks all June this year, and we’re hoping to feature as many members of the community in worship leadership as possible! Our dream is that we would see or hear every corner of our queer community at First Church in June. So, if you’re gay, lesbian, queer, trans, nonbinary, some other part of the queer universe, or you identify as closely connected to that community (the child, parent, grandparent, sibling, etc. of a queer, trans, or LGBTQ person, etc), you’re invited to be part of worship leadership!  Some roles include:

  • Reading, animating, puppeting, or acting out the Scripture reading
  • Recording a children’s time
  • Singing or playing a piece of music
  • Sharing a Simple Spiritual Story
  • Recording a mini-video of yourself or a group saying (or waving a sign) Welcome to First Church or something
  • Sharing a piece of visual art you’ve created or a photo you’ve taken (we can use images or videos)
  • Recording a blessing or benediction
  • Recording yourself lighting a candle
  • Writing a prayer or poem to be used in the service (if you aren’t comfortable being recorded)
  • Hosting or co-hosting an LGBTQ event in June (game night, movie screening, coffee and chat, etc)
  • “Tech hosting” a learning hour
  • Sharing a written reflection for the Carillon or for our social media
  • Joining a minister to do a Facebook Live session