Long Haul Living: 2022 Sustaining Giving Campaign Update

The Ministry of Stewardship, Finance, & Administration (SF&A) wishes to thank everyone who has committed to being a sustaining giver for the coming year so First Church Berkeley can continue to thrive as a faith community and place of transformation. As of December 1, the church has received 111 commitments totaling $508,266 in sustaining giving commitments for 2022. If you have already made your commitment, we thank you!

If you are not currently participating in sustaining giving, we invite you to consider making a commitment of $5 or $10 a week—we promise, having a stake in this church will deepen your sense of belonging! If you are already giving, we invite you to consider whether increasing your pledge is possible. And please know that if your circumstances change during the year, you are always able to change what you are giving. If you get a big raise, maybe you’ll be able to give more; if things shift the other direction, you can always decrease or stop your ongoing giving.

So we can accurately plan for the future, please submit your commitment information to church no later than November 19. (As reference, our approved 2021 budget includes $620k from 157 sustaining givers, and we are aiming to exceed this level for next year’s budgeting purposes.)

It’s easy to submit your sustaining commitment! A copy of the Stewardship letter may be found here along with instructions on how to submit your sustained giving commitment. If you’d like a commitment card mailed to you, or if you’d simply like to notify the church directly, please email or call Business Manager Kit Dunbar at [email protected] or 510/225-6814. All are invited to become sustaining givers!

With thanks and gratitude – Members of SF&A Ministry