Mardi Gras Thank Yous

Huge thank you to everyone who hosted last night’s Mardi Gras celebration! An extra special thank you to Roger Bash who coordinated the dinner chefs and donated all the food! We felt you and Holly with us in spirit even though you couldn’t be there this year in the flesh. Also thank you to the Dixieland Band Stan, Bob, Greg, Vickie and Bruce who played 4 gorgeous songs! Thank you to our kitchen crew Christina, Becky, Diane, Bruce and Sean for making 2,000 pancakes and 500 sausages. Thank you to Pastor Molly for teaching our kids and all of us about Lent and ways we can come closer to God in the next 40 days. And thank you to the famchy committee and especially chairperson Jeanne Strauss for all the coordination, set-up, and clean up. And last, but not least, thank you to everyone who came!!! I loved dancing, feasting and burying the A******** banner with you!