Montgomery Pilgrimage to Affirm Black Lives

Fri., Feb. 16 to Mon., Feb. 19, 2024

Have you always wanted to go to the Legacy Museum: From Enslavement to Incarceration in Montgomery AL, conceived and built by the Equal Justice Initiative? Or have you been already and want to have a deeper, richer experience of it alongside people from your faith community? 

Or perhaps you are just ready to live bigger and more intentionally after all we have been through the past few years: from the reckoning with systemic racism begun after George Floyd’s murder, to the pandemic itself and all the ways it exposed how racism is baked into our culture and institutions.

Brittany Walker Pettigrew and Rev. Molly are leading an antiracism pilgrimage of up to 25 First Churchers on a long weekend during Black History Month. We will visit the Legacy Museum in Montgomery, and in Selma, the National Voting Rights Museum and the Lowndesboro Interpretive Center. 

We will meet regularly leading up to the trip to explore concepts of systemic racism, learn more history of caste in the US and the struggle for African-American liberation, build trust and set sacred intentions for this pilgrimage. Brittany has gone on multiple DIY civil rights pilgrimages, including one this past summer with her husband Jon and two teenage children, and we are so lucky and blessed to have her as a facilitator of this learning and growth! 

We will have a price for this trip soon. We are committed to being a diverse group across every measure, and will engage in fundraising so that folks who want to go are able to regardless of income. Please reach out to Molly ([email protected]) or Brittany ([email protected]) if you would like your name added to the list of possible attendees! We will begin trip prep in early October with a learning hour by the Walker Pettigrews, and by mid-October will secure the participant list by asking for a small non-refundable deposit.

NOTE: Everyone is invited to participate in the pre-trip reading and discussion—not just trip participants. Let’s do this together, y’all!