New Members: February 2021

Welcome to our most recent new members!

Cindy A


Cindy is an ordained minister of the UCC and a Chaplain who has been serving the sick and the most vulnerable for over 25 years.  She works in the Psychiatric unit and cancer center, providing pastoral care and counseling to patients and staff.  She loves her job and considers it a calling.  Cindy loves dancing, hiking, swimming, and reading and has an appreciation of Art and antiquity.  She loves people, art and solitude.  Cindy likes this church because of its diversity, openness to all people and its history in social justice. She looks forward to getting to know more about her sisters and brothers in this church and walking together in our faith journey.

Marta B


I am a 4th gen Californian and grew up in the Bay Area, presently living in Pt. Richmond with my spouse;  my 2 daughters live nearby in Oakland and San Francisco. I love natural beauty and looking for wildlife and birds.  I have joined with several Climate Change organizations to help slow the Climate Crisis -and am dedicated to protecting the future for the next generations to come.

Gene B

Gene and his daughter Ella were both born in Palo Alto, but have spent most of their lives in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand. Gene comes from the Methodist tradition, and is delighted to have found an active and inspiring Christian community focused on social justice.

Vanessa N