Nov. 6 Learning Hour – Share Your Experience with Prayer

Sun., Nov. 6, 11:45 am
Loper Chapel

Prayer is an essential part of our Sunday worship services, and for many of us also of our personal lives as followers of Jesus. Many of you ask for prayer in times of gratitude, or when going through hard times, and we pray for what’s happening in the world around us. While prayer is important for many of us, it is also something that can fill us with doubt, and maybe you have even given up on praying yourself.

Does prayer do any good? Does it make sense to talk to God and ask for help or healing, or peace? Let’s talk about this with each other in the Learning hour on Sun., Nov. 6, and “share your experience with prayer”. You are invited to join the conversation. Since this session is about prayer, the First Church Prayer Team will also ask for your attention this Sunday.

What we will do is share how and where we learned about prayer, and explore how this has developed and changed over the years. What role did the church play in all of this, and how do you experience and practice prayer now, or maybe not.

When we have a conversation about this, we can also talk about the prayers in our Sunday worship service, what meaning they have for you, or the questions they raise for you.

By the way, do you know that we also have a Prayer Team at First Church? What do they do you may ask. Come and find out with this small but solid team: Lee, Marta, and Willem, as they present this session.

We look forward seeing you in Loper Chapel at 11:45 am.