“Now More than Ever” Stewardship Update

The Stewardship Finance & Administration (SF&A) Ministry wishes to thank everyone who has committed to being a sustaining giver for the coming year. As of December 2nd, the church has received 147 commitments totaling $598,350 in sustaining giving commitments for 2021. We are budgeting $650k for next year, and hope to receive information on all remaining commitments by December 10th at the latest.

We hope you’ll prayerfully consider making an ongoing financial contribution to First Church Berkeley. It’s easy to submit your sustaining commitment information — complete an online commitment form at www.firstchurchberkeley.org/commitment, download a fillable form that can be emailed or sent to church, at www.firstchurchberkeley.org/give, or enter your giving information directly into your Realm account.

A note about Realm – we ask everyone who is using Realm for automated giving to review your pledge information for 2021, and to double-check your automated giving settings (amount, desired frequency) for 2021, particularly if your 2021 giving level is changing from 2020, or if your payments are set to expire, for example, at the end of this December. If you have questions about Realm, don’t hesitate to email or call Kit Dunbar, Business Manager, at [email protected] or 510-225-6814. With thanks and gratitude – the SF&A Ministry