Oct. 30 Learning Hour – Growing Old or Getting Old? What Life Stories Have to Offer at Any Age

Sun., Oct. 30, 11:45 am
Loper Chapel

In the last few years many social scientists and spiritual leaders have turned their focus to the process of life story creation. Research and practice by specialists emphasize a range of benefits for our everyday lives including:

  • enhanced personal and spiritual growth,
  • consolidating our wisdom, and
  • assembling a trustworthy record to pass along the richness of our lived experience. 

These efforts have established a trove of methods and resources including a host of easily learned techniques that don’t require painstaking formal writing or onerous commitments of time.

As I listen to sermons in our church, talk with others during social time, and participate in other Learning Hours, I see and hear First Church seekers whom I think would enjoy tapping into the body of literature supporting this growing movement. In this Learning Hour, we’ll explore the techniques of creating our life stories and reminiscences within a framework that promises a freedom to discover our own rich veins of life-tested “truth.” Join us.

—Craig Pratt

Bio: Craig Pratt is, thankfully, retired. He challenges anyone to find a thread that can connect the cornucopia of his varied exploits including: hobbies – personal computers, reading and movie-watching; career pursuits – HR manager, courtroom expert witness, fair employment practices consultant/adjunct professor; and, post-retirement – helicopter grandparent (with spouse Pat), writer, personal transit enthusiast (e-bike and scooter) First Church volunteer as Deacon and Justice & Service Ministry member.