Open Chapel: This Is Getting Old

First Wednesdays
Wednesday, June 3, 6 pm

Springtime is often a season of graduations and visiting family and friends, thinking about the passage of time – and sometimes feeling you are getting old! Young-ish adulthood is filled with moments when we realize we aren’t quite as young as we once were.

With so many things there is an initial rush of excitement and joy…but that generally doesn’t last forever. Relationships, jobs, faith, activities, TV shows…those just aren’t quite the same once the novelty wares off.

And then there’s this whole situation, which may feel as though it is getting old. As we shift from a “crisis” situation into something that is much more long-term and “chronic” – it can feel at times like this new way of living is so hard, that we’re missing so much, and we are without an end in sight.

Whatever you are going through, whatever this time feels like, please join us for a Zoom Open Chapel service from wherever it is that you are sheltering in place. Please feel free to eat dinner during the service and also have some sort of food and drink available if you can for communion at the end! It is so good to stay connected as much as we can.