Pentecost Lawn Church! on May 23 at 4 pm

Sunday, May 23, 4 pm
All Ages, Sign in Required

Arrive early if you would like to assemble a Pentecost craft

We describe Pentecost as the “birthday of the church” and this Pentecost, as society begins to re-open with falling COVID rates and rising vax rates, marks our spiritual rebirth as a community. On Sunday morning at 10 am, we’ll have virtual church and After Party just as usual. But at 4 pm that afternoon, we’ll gather *in person* on the church lawn for an exuberant all-ages, in-person, outdoor, masked and distanced incarnational worship! 

Wear flame colors (red, or yellow or orange)! Bring a percussion instrument (that old hand drum or shaker you have lying around, or a couple of spoons from your kitchen drawer) for an opening drum circle)! We will have chairs set up on the lawn in distanced groupings, but you are also welcome to bring blankets or camp chairs to make yourself comfortable. We do ask that everyone present sign in and sanitize hands upon entry. 

And yes, we will be singing, with masks on! Hallelujah! 

Worship will be relatively short, and pitched for all ages to enjoy. Come early to make a Pentecost-friendly worship craft. We will take communion together! You have three options for communion: 

  • bring your own elements from home, and have the pastors bless them
  • enjoy a sealed single-serve wafer/grape juice combo
  • receive a piece of bread from the common loaf, torn by one vaccinated pastor who has washed her hands just beforehand

We’ll have a mini Pentecost-themed dance party at the end in the Cloister, and/or you can navigate your own reunion with church friends or hug party (all three of your pastors are vaxxed and ready for hugs!). 

As we gather, let’s remember to wear our name tags (it’s been a while 🙂 as an exercise in community-building and hospitality, and keep a special lookout for newer members and others who have fewer relationships at church and are eager to put down deeper roots in our community. 

Reminder: this will be Molly’s LAST Sunday before sabbatical begins, and one of three in-person “lawn church Sundays” before Kit’s move back East, so if you’d like time with us, come on over. We can’t wait to lay eyes on you!