Projects at Church

by Nick Kukulan, SFA Co-Chair

While sheltering in place is happening for most people in our area, we continue to take care of our beautiful campus. Bruce McNaught, our “Mr. Everything,” installed a new floor in the Hall of Entrance kitchen this past week. This is one of several small projects that the Stewardship, Finance, & Admin. (SFA) ministry budgeted for this year. Thank you Bruce!

Other projects in the works are:

  • Updating and improving the lighting on the parking lot entrances to the Sanctuary
  • Mulching the sidewalk and garden areas
  • Salvaging bricks from Pilgrim that will be used to complete the Dana Street strip along with benches that Roger Bash has fabricated (hopefully we will be able to social distance a work party in a few months to finish this one)

SFA welcomes any suggestions you have for projects around the campus.