Quiet Mondays & Sabbath Times

As we move into fall programming mode, we are trying some things out that will make being on staff at First Church feel more sustainable and renewing, as well as mirror our spiritual belief that sabbath is both necessary and a sacred commandment!

As part of this shift, the church office will now officially be closed on Mondays. This will give staff who work on Mondays time to work through projects and “think bigger” — more creatively and strategically — for a day each week, as they get a break from the constant communication that is often a feature of a church our size.

As always, if you have an emergency you can reach an on-call pastor (Molly, Kelly, or Hannah) anytime by dialing 510-225-6835. We will get back to you soon after we get your message, certainly within 8 hours.

And as a reminder: all three of our pastors now work 80% time and have professional work outside of our call to First Church. Our sabbaths are: 

Mondays (Molly)
Fridays (Kelly, Hannah)
Saturdays when there are no church events
…and other times as might be stated in our email signatures. 

We appreciate your support and care as we strive to be whole, healthy people who have good boundaries and good rest, so we can continue to do the work we love and love the work we do!