Interior of church with rose window, cross and two banners

Return to Hybrid (In-Person/Online) Worship Feb. 13, 2022

Sun., Feb. 13, 10 am

We’re heading back to hybrid in-person/online worship on February 13! We’re so glad that we’ve passed the peak of the Omicron surge and numbers are coming back down. In light of the way that vaccinations and booster shots are protective against severe disease, and in light of the availability of rapid tests to help determine whether people are contagious, the Church Council has approved staff to adjust our numerical guidelines. So unless the current trend of cases turns around again, we’ll be able to worship back in the sanctuary starting February 13.

While numbers are still relatively high, we are asking everyone to wear an N95 or equivalent mask rather than simply cloth masks. If you have an N95 at home to wear, you should bring it—if you forget or don’t have one, we’ll have some available for people. Worship leaders will remove masks when we speak, but each of us will have taken a rapid test prior to the service. If you’ve got rapid tests at home, we encourage you to think about testing yourself as well.

And if you’re not ready to be back indoors yet, or you’re part of our diaspora community and not able to come in person due to distance, don’t worry–we’re working on making the hybrid service better for you, too. We’ve got three new cameras to give you different angles and more close-up views of speakers and singers. We’re hoping this will help everyone online feel more connected.

Sunday, February 13 will be a celebratory Sunday, with lunch afterwards outside and cake to celebrate our new members who will join on February 6.  Our new Moderator, Hope Hilton, will preach and share their vision for First Church in the coming year.  Hope you can make it!