You Can Return Your Commitment Card in Person

Monday, September 7, 10-12 (Kelly);
Tuesday, September 8, 3-5 pm (Molly)
Thursday, September 10, 4-6 pm (Molly)

We invite you to come return your commitment card in person in the coming week. There are three slots where one of us will be in the sanctuary and we’ll have it open. If you’d like, we invite you to put your mask on (we’ll be wearing ours!) and bring your commitment card in, dance it down the center aisle and physically put it in the basket.  

And whether or not you’re bringing your commitment card, we also invite you to bring something physical to place on the altar, symbolizing holding the space for ourselves until we’re able to return in person. Maybe you’ve got a beautiful stone, a hat, a pen, a stuffed animal, a little piece of art, a figurine, or a seashell. You’re invited to bring that in and place it on the altar as a placeholder, symbolically “coming back” for next Sunday (September 13th), which is Fall Festival. You’ll hear more about that next week, but for now, just start thinking about what you might bring in.

Please don’t bring something truly precious that would be devastating to lose—we fully expect everyone to get their treasure back, but we can’t control for every possibility, so something cute and symbolic would be better than something that’s diamond-encrusted!