Sabbatical Dreaming: Pausing with Purpose

If you missed the Sabbatical Dreaming zoom call last week but you’d still like to tell the Dream Team your ideas to include in what we hope will be a successful grant application, you can go to this Google form and fill in answers to these questions:

  • What would a synchronous “sabbath” for First Church look like during our lead minister’s sabbatical? What concrete things would we do/not do?
  • How do we imagine we can focus on being rather than doing?
  • What would restore spirit and holy presence of Martin Buber’s “I/Thou relationship” as a community?
  • What practices of grace could we embrace so that we could let go of achievement or external reinforcement that we are productive and excelling in expectations?
  • What would we do to get ready for it, while Molly is still around?
  • How would we exhale from it, when Molly is back?
  • What are concrete ideas that will keep us spiritually connected even while physically and verbally distanced from Molly?
  • How will all this serve the long-term good of our congregation and wider community?