Sept. 11 Learning Hour – Considering the Homeless

Sun., Sept. 11, 11:45 am
Loper Chapel

Join us this Sunday for a conversation with Paul Kealoha (President of Consider the Homeless, President of the East Bay Media Center, and member of the Berkeley Homeless Service Panel of Experts) about how the First Church community can better connect with our unhoused neighbors. Far from a distant service provider, Paul’s approach over many years has been to start with relationships, reaching out to unhoused neighbors by simply connecting with them and checking in. He has helped many unhoused people connect with services, find support for a variety of needs, and feel connected to their community.

Paul’s recent project, updating a booklet: “Resource Guide For People Experiencing Houselessness in Berkeley,” will provide some material for the conversation. He’ll help us think about what we could do to begin to put our vision of ending homelessness into action by starting with the individual people who are our neighbors here in Berkeley. Everyone is welcome, whether you’ve had many years of activism or are just entering the conversation and wondering where to begin. You’re invited to bring your questions, your concerns, your anxieties, and your hopes as we support each other in living into our congregation’s vision.

Remind yourself of our vision by re-reading our recent vision statement!