Sept. 26 Learning Hour: The Homecoming Project

Sunday, September 26, 12:15 pm
ID: 889 6774 0143 Passcode: 261432

Our September 26 Learning Hour will focus on the Homecoming Project. The Homecoming Project is a three-year success story supporting people by providing stable housing when they leave prison and return home to their communities and families. Before a formerly incarcerated person can find a job, address a health concern, or learn a new skill, they first need a safe place to live. Impact Justice is a nonprofit, restorative justice organization based in Oakland, which successfully addresses a basic housing need first through an Airbnb model which houses participants for six months in host homes.  

The session will be presented by Ronda Franklin, housing coordinator for the Homecoming Project. Ronda has the pleasure of meeting new hosts and assisting them in the application and approval process. Ronda helps hosts maintain a positive relationship and experience throughout their six months with a participant. Ongoing support and training provide hosts with insights into successful reentry and a strong basis for helping participants readjust to society.