Service as Worship Aug. 7 at 10 am announcement with photo of two people making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

Service as Worship Sunday – Aug. 7

Front Lawn & Patio, 10 am

Give your fancy clothes the day off, as we leave the pews for some hands-on work! We’ll sing a hymn and bless our youth as they depart to work camp. Then we will get to work ourselves on a variety of projects around the church. If you can’t be there in person, your service could be in the form of a donation to the bag lunches or the hygiene kits (links below):

  • Gardening – Bring work gloves; we’ll provide tools. Look for Moe Wright
  • Parking Lot Cleaning – Bring work gloves. Find brooms and rakes in the Hall of Entrance along with some instructions.
  • Operation Love Notes – The Deacons will provide materials to write letters to members of the community who aren’t able to join us physically. Look for Craig Pratt
  • Political Action – Write postcards to the Board of Supervisors and our incoming sheriff, to protest the deaths and the degrading conditions in our county jail. Hosted by The Interfaith Coalition for Justice in our Jails.
  • Bag Lunch Assembly – Build lunches for the unhoused (like Second Sunday Sandwiches). Sign up to donate ingredients: Deliver lunches. Look for Richard Brabham
  • Hygiene Kits – Church World Services distributes these small packages of essentials, for people displaced by disaster. Join the assembly line to pack the items. Sign up to donate items or funds ahead of time. Look for Steve Spielman
Person with mask looking into paper bags