Service as Worship Sunday

Sun., Feb. 11, 10 am

Come sing and pray during a brief worship service, and then join a project or two for an hour of hands-on work in support of our local community. If you can’t be there in person, your service could be in the form of a donation to the bag lunches.    

Prep Work for Quilts for Formerly Incarcerated Men: Join Janet McDonald in making backings and bindings for 60 quilts that will be lovingly given to formerly incarcerated men who will be living in a converted hotel.  Work will involve sewing straight seams with a sewing machine.  If you have a sewing machine and/or iron, please bring them.  Look for Janet in the  Pillar Room.  Email Janet with questions: [email protected]

Valentines for SNAPkids: Share a little fun love with the SNAPkids participants. Join Sara Woods and Emma Fujii in creating valentines for the swimmers with disabilities and their swim partners.  You’ll also be able to cut out thank you notes for the volunteers who partner with the special swimmers each week. All materials will be provided.  Look for Sara and Emma in the Hall of Entrance.

Postcard Writing:  Join Micky Duxbury from Interfaith Coalition for Justice in Our Jails (ICJJ) to write postcards to Sheriff Sanchez. We want Sheriff Sanchez to tell us what she is doing to prevent deaths at the jail and for the Board of Supervisors to support the Reimaging Adult Justice Initiative.  (Location: Loper Chapel).

Operation Love Notes:  Join the Deacons in writing notes to members of the community who aren’t able to join us in person.  All materials will be provided.  Look for Julie Greer/Deacons on the patio (Location: Loper Chapel)

Second Sunday Sandwiches:  Assemble sandwiches and other goodies into a bag lunch for our unhoused neighbors.  Look for Richard Brabham in the Hall of Entrance.
Sign up here
 if you would like to donate items for the lunches.

Sanctuary and Outdoor Clean Up:  Join Stewardship, Finance & Administration (SFA) Ministry members in the Sanctuary to clean the pew woodwork and tidy up the pew racks. SFA will have two outdoor clean up teams; one for the front of the church and one for the parking lot. Please bring work gloves, rakes and brooms for raking leaves, weeding, mulching and picking up trash.  Look for Nick Kukulan in the Hall of Entrance if you’d like to join a group.

Waffle Making for All to Enjoy:  Join Rev. Kelly and others in the EBSB kitchen to make yummy waffles to celebrate Dimanche Gras. Bring a waffle iron, a fruit salad, deviled eggs, or a favorite waffle topping (yogurt, apple sauce, etc.) to share.

Write Letters to the Editor:  Join the Affordable Housing (AH) team in writing letters of support for affordable housing.  Look for members of the AH team in Loper Chapel.