Staffing in the Coming Months

How can we best support our staff in an evolving world of shelter in place, where our finances may change, and where we have events on the horizon such as Reverend Kit’s parental leave? Here is how we plan to move forward based on input from staff, the Personnel Committee, and the Council.

First considering the time through June. Our pastoral staff, Reverend Molly and Reverend Kit, will continue to work from home on their current schedule. Our administrative staff will continue their current schedule, Louise Halsey working from home and Kit Dunbar working from the office. For our program staff, Sara Fread will wind down her youth ministry tasks for the summer as previously planned and will wind down her administrative activities as others absorb those tasks. Our music staff (Amar Khalsa, Derek Tam, and Liz Forsyth) will largely continue their current schedule. We will furlough our aftercare, nursery, and preschool teachers until we reestablish Sunday gathering. For our facilities staff we will furlough Berhane Gebreyesus until we reestablish Sunday gatherings and we will reduce Amare Gebreyesus’ and Bruce McNaught’s schedules to meet current needs.

Looking beyond June, we will assess in due course if any further changes are needed to current staffing for July and later as we move closer. There are some steps that we can already identify. We will likely not hire Emerging Leaders next year due to budget and external uncertainties. With Rev. Kit’s happy news that she is expecting a baby in September, the pending second part of Rev. Kit’s sabbatical combined with parental leave in the Fall, Rev. Kit’s reduction to half-time after returning in December, and Rev. Molly’s sabbatical in May to August 2021, we will proceed with hiring an acting associate minister, initially for 13 months from August 2020 to August 2021. Thirteen months for the new position provides continuity and stability, lowers anxiety after a lot of staff transition, and keeps our staff healthier. Optimistically, it would be excellent if the acting associate minister were a good fit and could stay on after 13 months, though that decision can be made later. We have identified a team, chaired by Elizabeth Bucholtz, to move forward with the hiring process.

We appreciate your patience and support during this difficult time. Should you have any questions please contact any member of our Personnel Committee: Elizabeth Bucholtz ([email protected]), Reverend Molly ([email protected]), Mike Casendino ([email protected]), Ron Elsdon (chair, [email protected]), Kara Korbel-Chinula ([email protected]), Emma S ([email protected]).

Thank you!

Personnel Committee.