Stewardship Update

The Stewardship Committee of the SF&A Ministry wishes to thank everyone who has committed to being a sustaining giver to First Church Berkeley for the coming year. Through October 7th, the church has received 83 commitments, totaling $448,000 in sustaining giving commitments for 2021.  That’s wonderful and as a point of reference, we had 171 commitments in 2020, totaling $677,000.

As SF&A Co-Chair Nick Kukulan wrote in his letter in early September, your giving is vitally important and relevant now more than ever! As Nick says, First Church is “important for sharing and support of our life experiences, joining together to make a difference as the Body of Christ, enhancing our individual and communal efforts to understand and to make changes in the world around us, and refreshing, and refocusing, to feel grounded and trusting in God’s creation.”

If you have not had an opportunity to make a sustaining giving commitment, we hope that you will prayerfully consider making an ongoing financial contribution to First Church and submitting your commitment by October 31st.

You can complete the online commitment form at www.firstchurchberkeley/commitment or enter your giving information into your Realm account.

If you’d like a commitment card mailed to you, or if you’d simply like to notify the church directly, please email or call Kit Dunbar, Business Manager, at [email protected] or 510-225-6814.

With gratitude – the SF&A Stewardship Committee