Stewardship Year-End Update

The Stewardship, Finance & Administration (SF&A) Ministry wishes to thank everyone who has committed to being a sustaining giver for the coming year. We are so grateful to you for sustaining First Church Berkeley’s mission and work as the Body of Christ in the world. As of December 9th, the church has received 151 commitments totaling $615,500 in sustaining giving commitments for 2021. If you haven’t yet submitted your sustaining commitment to church, and plan to do so, we hope you can provide this information to us as soon as possible through one of these ways: complete an online commitment form at, download a fillable form that can be emailed or sent to church, at, or enter your giving information directly into your Realm account.

As the end of this year approaches, we hope you’ll also consider making a year-end extra gift to support First Church Berkeley if you are in a position to do so. You can make a one-time gift by sending a check to the church office, or electronically by using the Realm or Paypal links found at the church’s website at

If you have questions about Realm, don’t hesitate to email or call Kit Dunbar, Business Manager, at [email protected] or 510-225-6814. With gratitude, Nick Kukulan and Amy Hiestand, SF&A Co-Chairs