Summer Gatherings Update 2024

You’re invited to take part in an array of activities. Some require registration, others not.

Summer Hikes, hosted by Rev. Molly Baskette
Sundays, July 7 & Aug. 25, soon after worship lets out
Join Rev. Molly for a moderate all-ages hike! On July 7 we’ll do a “secret stairs” hike that leaves directly from church and winds up into the hills about UC Berkeley, with a stop for fro-yo on the outbound journey. On Sun., Aug. 25, something more wild up in the East Bay hills! No RSVPs needed – just show up with your water bottle and walking shoes!

Summer Basement Brunch Cleanout, hosted by Rev. Molly Baskette
Sundays, July 14 & 21, right after worship
Help empty out the church basement in anticipation of our big move into the new building: figuring out what is trash and what is treasure. We’ll make generous use of our dumpster as well as invite the wider community to a pop-up yard sale (July 21 only) where they can make us an offer on useful things we don’t need anymore! Pizza and snacks will be served, we’ll whistle and wiggle as we work to some lively tunes, and bond through the hilarity and mild peril of navigating the bowels of our building. For more info, speak to Rev. Molly!

Exploring Compassionate Communication, hosted by Jim Coates & Louise Halsey
Sundays, July 14, 21, 28, & Aug. 4, 12 noon to 2 pm, Durant House*
Join us as we explore the nonviolent communication teachings of Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, as outlined in his book Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life. “NVC is founded on language and communication skills that strengthen our ability to remain human, even under trying circumstances,” explains Rosenberg. This group will begin to practice these skills with the intention of creating more connection – to ourselves, with each other, and to the world. We’ll explore some key assumptions of NVC: “all actions are attempts to meet needs” and “everyone’s needs matter.” If you are new to these teachings, we encourage you to join all the sessions as they build upon each other. Email Louise ([email protected]) by Fri., July 5, 5 pm to register.
*July 21 – we’ll meet in the Play Yard, off the parking lot.

Come Play Games, hosted by Jeanne Strauss, Steve Spielman & Linda Sawyer
Saturdays, July 20 & Aug. 17, 4 to 6 pm, Play Yard
Plenty of games will be provided. Feel free to bring your favorites along with family, friends, and snacks to share! No RSVPs needed – just show up to play!

Sing-along with the Old Folkies, hosted by Alice Clark & Charles Taylor, Kathy & Bob Helliesen, Bruce Stangeland, & Stan Boghosian
Thurs., Aug, 15, 5:30 pm, Alice Clark & Charles Taylor‘s home in El Cerrito
Join us to sing old favorites (words provided) and enjoy pizza (provided). Please bring salads, desserts, drinks, and snacks to share. There’s room inside for about 25 guests. We hope the weather will be fine, allowing us to use the deck and backyard, as well as the house – to be determined just before the event – which would let us expand the total. RSVP to Kathy Helliesen at [email protected] so we’ll know how much pizza to order in advance!