Testimony in church for Lent during four Sundays in March

Testimony in Church for Lent

Hello, Church!

This Lenten season, we will be resurrecting (pun intended) the practice of testimony sharing at church. Personally, I have been feeling a lot of spiritual movements and personal shifts since joining First Church and becoming a mom as I shared in my testimony Feb. 26, and I am curious about what others have been experiencing. So, in these next four Sundays of Lent, FCCB members will share testimonies during the worship service about a moment on their faith journey (past or present) when God/the-Spirit-that-moves-in-their-lives showed them something (e.g., grace, insight, healing) and they grew from it. Since Lent is a season that invites us to get in touch with our human frailty and vulnerability to prepare our hearts for Easter, it seems like an ideal time to revisit this practice of prayerful sharing.

If you are interested in sharing a testimony in the future, feel free to reach out to me ([email protected]) at any point. I’ll keep a running list to see if there’s enough interest to continue the practice again after Easter.

– Kathleen Cooney