Photo of two people standing next to a red wagon filled with peanut better and cereal to donate to the Berkeley Food Pantry

Thank You for the Cereal and Peanut Butter Donations!

Many of the families who come to the Berkeley Food Pantry (BFP) get some relief in their food budget when their children eat meals at school. Over the summer we supplemented their food at home by donating cereal and peanut butter to the BFP. In fact, we donated 167 boxes of cereal and 162 jars of peanut butter in July, August, and September 2022.

Now, we find that the BFP not only appreciates our cereal and peanut butter, but also clean paper grocery bags with handles. When Birtukan delivered the paper bags along with the food, the BFP staffer was much surprised and grateful for all three – they really need paper grocery bags!

Please donate low sugar cereal (like cheerios, corn flakes, life, crispy rice), smooth peanut butter and paper grocery bags at the table in the Hall of Entrance for the Berkeley Food Pantry. Also, you can bring in plastic grocery bags for Trinity Center. Questions?? Ask us in the Hall of Entrance table. Thanks.