Learning Hour: Trans 101

Sunday, February 23, 11:45 am, Loper Chapel

Our congregation wants to be supportive of our trans friends, however, there are still a lot of uncomfortable ways cis(non trans) people are communicating their understanding of trans-ness, to trans people. Some of us mistake trans people for other trans people after years of attendance. Some of us approach someone who we *think* is trans, and tell them how trans friendly the church is. Some of us don’t know how to relate to a trans person, and avoid trans people completely. 

These things are not okay, and in efforts to make church a safe inclusive space for *everyone*, we need to do this work of learning. This is why we come to church. love, community. Emma F. and Dane I. are hosting a trans 101 learning hour to talk about your questions, and explore the do’s and don’ts of respecting and understanding our trans friends. Our workshop will be imperfect, but we are helping each other learn together, and that’s the important part. Bring your friends; open to all!