Trans/Non-Binary Circle

Join us for this series of four rituals and sharing circles together as GenderFULL people in our wholeness of who we are. Each session uses ritual and practices created by and for gender diverse people of a diversity of racial, ethnic, and national identities – connected to or beyond the Christian lineages. Contact [email protected] to register and receive the login information for our online meetings.

Dates and topics are:

September 13 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time – Session One: Belovedness – Connecting to being loved, whole, and holy in the presence of the Divine.

September 20 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time – Session Two: Honoring our Rage – Locating ourselves in the larger history of violence from the Church and resilience of LGBTQ+ people of faith, being real about what’s harmful and healing, sharing what healthy boundaries and communication of them might be in church spaces, and all things related. One week reflection break / praxis at home 

October 4 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time – Session Three: Reckoning the Tradition – What to embrace, what to leave behind, and who’s creating worship and spiritual spaces on their own terms we can participate in.

October 11 – 5:30 pm Pacific Time – Session Four: Rituals of Our Wildest Dreams and Needs – Creating the rituals and world we want to create for Gender-FULL people generations from now. Blessing each other goodbye.