Welcome our New Members: Oct. 15, 2023

Frances T (she, her) I grew up mostly in Pullman, Washington, where I was involved in the local Community Congregational United Church of Christ. I moved to west Berkeley just over a year ago for a job at an environmental non-profit. 

Bailey T (she, her) We came to first church last year and it has felt like home ever since. I have never been an official member at a church, and I am so happy this is where I get to call home! My favorite things include my dogs, Taylor Swift, and sweet tea!

Qaisul T. (he, him) I will always cherish the memory of my first Sunday in the United States, having journeyed from my beloved hometown in Taiwan to study at the Pacific School of Religion. It was at First Church Berkeley UCC that I first felt the comforting embrace of a church community. With nostalgic thoughts of my family back in Taiwan, tears welled up during the familiar hymns and as we echoed the Lord’s Prayer. This emotion still resonates deeply with me. I am filled with gratitude for the immediate embrace and warmth I felt upon my first entrance to this place. I wholeheartedly appreciate the inclusive and nurturing spirit of faith here. It’s heartwarming to see children actively participating in the worship, and to listen to pastors share tales with them. It’s a joy to see families worship together, and it’s uplifting to witness the progressive and open-minded beliefs of the seniors here. The tender and thoughtful way everyone interacts here is truly heartening.

Being a pastor’s son, I’ve grown up enveloped in church life. It’s a shared aspiration within my family and me that someday I might step into the role of a pastor. As I embark on my theological journey at PSR, I am hopeful for the unwavering companionship and support of the First Church Berkeley UCC community. I eagerly anticipate witnessing the boundless grace and splendor of God in everyone’s life stories. I also hope that in this nurturing environment, my life will flourish in diverse and radiant ways, allowing me to recognize God’s magnificent work within me. My heart overflows with thanks for the warm embrace from everyone here.