Life After Pandemic

Tuesday, April 28, 6-7 pm

(669) 900-9128 ID 963 9030 9488.

We universally agree that the pandemic is changing our culture and society in profound ways. We also all wonder: what changes will endure?  This article on Medium generated a lot of interest on social media. We’d love to read it together as a church, and ask ourselves some big questions like: how is the pandemic changing us? How can we resist a return to business as usual when it is over, if that business spelled death or diminishment for the Earth and so many of God’s children upon it? Join Rev. Molly and deacon Ken Tyler on a Zoom call for Life After Pandemic on Tuesday, April 28 from 6-7pm. Access the Zoom here, or dial by phone +1 669 900 9128 and enter meeting ID 963 9030 9488.