What to do when you can’t leave the house.

(And you told the kids the TV is broken)

by Carmelle Knudsen

1-5. Do a thorough cleaning of each room and its closets, drawers, shelves… Organizing as you go, tossing stuff you don’t use, minimizing/ downsizing, look for loose change. No cheating on the Christmas wrapping paper closet

6.   Catch up on ironing, and mending

7.   Clean out the basement—see 1-5 above

8.    Box up the things for a thrift shop/Goodwill

9.    Be nice

10.  Call a different friend each day (and get their latest email address)

11.  Clean out files and shred

12.  Sort out of date meds and dispose of properly (not the toilet)

13.  Resurrect you mom’s recipes

14.  Address your Christmas cards, or update your email list –see 10 above.

15. Take a walk, exercise

16. Roll the money in your change jar see 1-5 above

17. Make cookies, or bran muffins, or….

18. Count your blessings

19. Learn to knit, or….

20. Work a jigsaw or more. (I have some you can borrow)

21. Sort through your books and give some to tiny libraries or Friends of the Library

22. Sort your records, CDs old VHS tapes, etc.

23. Read a book. Your turn what would you add?  Any one a gardener?