With Head & Heart: the Spirituality of Learning in the United Church of Christ (UCC)

Sat., Feb. 24, 2024 – 9 am to 1 pm
Loper Chapel & Pillar Room

The upcoming Spirituality & Learning Day Retreat will be facilitated by Rev. Dr. Christina Hutchins and members of the Ministry of Adult Education. Our Congregational stream in the UCC has a long history of linking learning and spirituality. We don’t have a creed members are required to believe. What we do have is a shared commitment to head and heart, to refusing to leave behind either intellect or passion in experiences of the sacred. Motions of social justice and an open-ended faith require ongoing learning. The Retreat is a time to reflect on the spirituality of learning in your own life. This is not about planning Adult Ed programing, rather a time to explore deep roots and possibilities of learning and the Spirit. We’ll begin with coffee and end with lunch. The event is free. Please register on Realm herehttps://onrealm.org/fccb/PublicRegistrations/Event?linkString=ZjY1NGFjNjgtN2ZjNi00ZDdlLTlmNTAtYjBmMTAxODZmYTBh

Christina Hutchins is a First Church member, poet, theologian, and an ordained UCC minister. She was a professor at Pacific School of Religion for two decades, teaching courses in process theology, poetry, beauty and critique, queer theory, preaching, and UCC history and theology. She is a well-published poet and currently teaches part time at the Cobb Institute of the Claremont Graduate University, where she is the poet laureate.