Illustration of the Earth with a thermometer with flames coming out of the top

Worried About the Climate Crisis?

Urge Congress to Pass the Budget Reconciliation Bill!

The Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill is widely described as the best chance in a generation to enact climate policy that will really make a difference in lowering greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming. The bill’s Clean Energy Performance Program that rewards electric utilities for adopting renewable energy, its tax credits for electric vehicle purchases, manufacturing, and charging infrastructure, its environmental justice measures and incentives for battery technologies are estimated together to reduce US emissions by 45% by 2030.
As the death toll from excessive heat, floods, wildfires and storms grows, Lord knows we must do this!

Please consider emailing members of Congress or the Senate and urge them to pass the entire Build Back Better legislation with all of its climate measures.  Below is a sample note.  Or you can go to Interfaith Power & Light’s link to text a message to Congress. 

Dear Rep_______

Please do all that you can to ensure passage of the Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill including all its climate measures.  Scientists told us through the latest UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report that we are running out of time to prevent irreversible and catastrophic changes to the climate system. Already, wildfires, floods, heat, drought, and hurricanes have killed thousands of people. We need Congress to take action now.”

Or next Sunday at church, stop by a postcard writing table after the service and write a note to Congress.  We’ll have supplies.

Along with Senators Manchin of West Virginia and Sinema of Arizona, there are plenty of House reps that still need to be convinced to vote for this legislation, including these five Democrats from California. Please write to them if you are from their districts!

Rep Jim Penetta (D-Carmel Valley, Salinas) 

Rep Josh Harder (D-Modesto) (209) 579 5458

Rep Jim Costa, (D Fresno)

Rep Salud Carbajal (D-San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara)

Rep Lou Correa (D-Orange County)

Or you can remind our Senators and Reps not to compromise on climate measures as debate in Congress continues.

Senator Dianne Feinstein

Senator Alex Padilla

Barbara Lee (D-Oakland, Berkeley, Albany)

Mark DeSaulnier (D-Walnut Creek, Richmond)

– Barbara Grady-Ayer for the Green Team