150th Anniversary Celebrations

Our church held its first worship service on June 28, 1874, which means we turn 150 in June 2024! We’re planning a number of events to mark this anniversary, starting in June, and we need your input.

Hanging on the far side of the Hall of Entrance (near the door to the parking lot) are several large sheets of paper with events listed at the top. There is also a box containing Post-it notes in small bundles. Please use these sticky notes to vote on which events you would be most interested in – bright pink for those you’re willing to help with, and blue or green for those you’d like to attend. Please include your name on the pink notes, so that we know who can help bring these ideas to fruition.

We’re looking forward to a variety of festive and educational events to mark this milestone in the life of our church. The idea sheets will remain up for the next few Sundays. Please vote for your favorites, and/or add more ideas -there’s a sheet for that, too!