Oct. 29 Learning Hour – Expensive NEW California Electricity Tax in 2024

Sun., Oct. 29, 11:45 am, Loper Chapel

The State Legislature passed a big “budget trailer bill” (AB 205) last year that included a provision to charge all ratepayers a new, uncapped Utility Tax. The bill was passed in three days with no public discussion, and many legislators did not even know the bill contained the Utility Tax provision. Now, the utilities and other aligned organizations are proposing the highest Utility Tax in the country. The Utility Tax would increase bills on millions of working and middle-class people who live in apartments and smaller homes that don’t use much electricity, and it will undermine all forms of conservation. The only way to fix this is for the Legislature to repeal the Utility Tax provision in AB 205: Public Utilities Code Section 739.9 in January. Cailey Underhill, Advocacy and Development Director with the nonprofit Solar Rights Alliance, will give a presentation on this issue and answer your questions during this Learning Hour. You can learn more here