Welcome our New Members: Jan. 28, 2024

Carolina E. G. (she, her) grew up in Medellin-Colombia in South America. Her hobbies are reading, skateboarding, walking, listening to music, and astronomy. She moved to the Berkeley because of a science education project, “another point of view, and a progressive and inclusive church for gay people like me.”

Joy X. (she, her) shares ” I’m a software engineer and also a robotic teacher. I like hiking, swimming, drinking tea, listening to classical music, and even more. I grew up in China, panda’s hometown is also my hometown.  I’d like to meet new friends, and share the love with friends from dear God!”

Barbara H. (she, her) was born in Oakland but grew up in Vallejo, San Mateo, Sacramento, and San Jose. She is a Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP). She spent the last 20 years before retiring at UCSF training FNPs and has a special interest in farm worker health. Her husband started the Klezmer band ” Ellis Island Old World Folk Band” in 1980. and Barbara has been the main vocalist for several years. She loves hiking, singing, reading, birding, gardening, and spending time with family and friends.

Heather R. (she, they) shares “I found First Church because a member of my church in Bozeman, MT got married here. I compete in Timber Sports professionally and coach the team at UC Berkeley. Music that tells a meaningful story brings me joy, bonus points if there’s a steel guitar in the band.”

Sara O. (she, her) shares “I grew up singing in the choir at First Congregational Church in Old Greenwich, Connecticut. In my 40’s I attended and got a Masters in Religious Studies from a UCC seminary in Minneapolis. After a long career in finance and human resources, I earned a PhD and spent 10 years as an academic. There was a long hiatus from any church life until I came to FCCB in July of 2023 where I immediately felt at home.”

Amy D. (she, her) grew up in a UCC church outside of Boston. She hasn’t been affiliated with a church since leaving home for college nearly 30 years ago. She found her way back at the recommendation of the pastor at her church of origin when she got her kids baptized a couple of years ago. He specifically recommended First Church Berkeley. She is Mom to Susannah (5) and Ian (2). She is a solo parent and has been since she started her parenting journey. Amy’s work is supporting environmental philanthropies and non-profit organizations to be more effective in their grantmaking and programming. She’s been with her company for 16 years and is now in a leadership role and loves it. Her hobbies have fallen by the wayside in the last few years of raising kids and her job getting more intense, but loves being outside – camping, hiking, biking, kayaking, and skiing. These days her joy comes from family dance parties in their living room.

Bella V. (she, her) grew up in northern Wisconsin. She lives in Berkeley with her partner Daniel and (as of Friday, 1/26) their cat Basil. She loves to hike, play board games, and bake.