12-Hour Election Day Prayer Vigil: Stop Worrying and Start Praying!

Who: All interested in prayer on Election Day
When: Election Day, 11/3/2020 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 
Where: Zoom – link sent to registered participants two days in advance
What and Why: Let’s provide twelve hours of community prayer on Election Day
Hosted by: West Coast Senior Minister Network, United Church of Christ
Register here: Google Form


On Election Day, our church will host a 12-hour Election Day prayer vigil in community with several other West Coast UCCs. The vigil is an opportunity to cover our nation and our election in well-intentioned prayer. This digital, multifaith event will be hosted on Zoom. 

You can participate for a single hour or more by filling out this form and indicating which shifts you would like to pray in community (10am-10pm Eastern, 7am-7pm Pacific). You may also make a further commitment to be either the prayer facilitator or the tech host for your shift, or to make a musical offering. 

YOU MUST REGISTER BY SUNDAY EVENING, 6PM PT TO PARTICIPATE IN THIS EVENT. We will send out the Zoom link on Monday to all registered participants. The vigil will be streamed to Facebook Live where anyone can see and here it, and write prayers into the comments, but only preregistered folks will be allowed into the Zoom, to cut down on the potential for Zoombombing and trolls. 

Please share the link to sign up on your social media! Anyone, anywhere, is welcome to join and participate, as long as they come in good faith to pray for peace, unity and justice.

Prayers may cover a range of topics: freedom from violence or corruption of the voting process, the safety of voters, particularly BIPOC, queer and otherwise vulnerable voters, prayers for the country to move in a direction of justice, peace, unity, increasing civil rights, prayers for our mental health and resilience, etc. We will not be praying for individual candidates, for their success or for their loss. Anyone using language that is demeaning, divisive or reckless will be removed. 

We are gathering to pray in general and specific ways, for the Kin-dom we long to live in.