praying hands

A Call to our First Church Berkeley Community from the Prayer Team

Every other Monday evening from 7:30 to 8:30 pm, we gather to pray for our church members, families, friends and world-at-large. Being together regularly in prayer during the pandemic has felt deeply poignant, potent, and has been a very direct way to feel connected to God, the world, and each other in this time of outward separation. Praying in community and out loud is a very moving experience and perhaps takes practice. We all pray differently as we are all unique and have our own relationship with God/Creator. It has helped me to develop my own connection with God and nurture my voice in speaking up and articulating gratefulness, pain, hopes, and suffering. We would like to encourage you to experience this ministry with us. 

As you can imagine, during the pandemic, many of our prayers are right on the surface and ready to come out in a way that has perhaps not always been so obvious or clear.  Another important aspect of praying is the togetherness part. It’s very different to pray alone than to pray with others. Of course, doing both are so important, but it is exponentially powerful to do it together.  Also, “the more the merrier” feels really good to say and even think during COVID-times, and it’s so true. To make something manifest together – and to feel a sense of intention and agency when the ground we walk on is truly uncertain and shaky, feels comforting and essential. Currently, we’re meeting virtually via Zoom, but hope to begin a hybrid version that might alternate in-person with virtual meetings soon.

Please contact me ([email protected]) or the church staff if you have questions and are interested.

Lee Heuermann