Be a Simple Spiritual Storyteller

In “How to Do Nothing,” Oakland author Jenny Odell says that birdwatching should really be called bird-listening: since most of the time you are not watching birds so much as noticing their song and working really hard to try to see where it is coming from. 

Listening for, and looking for, God can be like that. God is there all along–but as background noise scarcely noticed until we start to actively pay attention. 

This year, we will feature simple spiritual stories nearly every week in worship: short stories gleaned from your daily lives that help us hear and see God, because you have paid special attention to the presence of the Divine amidst the ordinary. We still need a storyteller for January 12, or you can sign up here (in Column M), or just email Molly, for nearly any date in 2020. 

This is the kindest audience you will ever face–give us, and yourself, the gift of noticing God in the daily, by becoming a simple spiritual storyteller one Sunday.